About us

Hey everybody,

my name is Tina, I am 27 years old and live with my husband Lennart, our children Marlon & Rosalie and our dog Chino in beautiful Bielefeld.

At the beginning of 2015, I took a weekend sewing course with a friend of mine, which I was absolutely thrilled with. I loved it so much to create beautiful things - especially children's clothes!
So I sewed some clothes for my son and because the feedback was quite good, I also tried to sell some parts.
Since there are really many suppliers who offer home-made children's clothes, it was just difficult to get to the market somehow and to become known.

Unfortunately, the first small success with Lönneken failed to materialize.

In the spring of 2016, a gift had to be given to a friendly couple who were expecting their child in April.
After some discarded ideas, I got on the cloud cushion with music box. I grabbed two sheets from my college block, glued them together and so I created my template for the cloud print pattern. The music box stayed here for a short time before we gave it away and in that time Lennart's sister saw it and ordered three, because in her circle of friends also some babies were supposed to come over the course of the year.

The feedback for the Cloud music boxes was really good, so I tried to revive Lönneken - and this time luckily with a bit more success!

Through Youtube, Instagram & Facebook our clouds have found a home in whole Germany and could travel to Austria and other European countries.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, feedback and great interest in our products.
We hope that many more clouds will find a new home and continue to give you a lot of joy!

Lovely regards

Your Tina

Über Uns

Instagram: @loenneken
Facebook: Lönneken
Email: tina@loenneken.de